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Date: 11th September 2015
Water Sealed Gate Valve

 A 、This factory Bonnet the packing room has the water seal structure, when the connection passes over pressure 0, the 6- 1MPa water, may cause the system and the atmosphere isolates, guaranteed the system has good gas tightness.
 B、 DS/The Z series uses Double gate the disc bidirectional spring-loaded seal, opens shuts, rapid, the seal  nimbly is reliable.
 C 、Product material quality simple, compact reasonable, the overhaul is convenient, the service life is long.
 D  、Sits the start-stop system on piping to use, must be at all opens or the ajar condition, does not have to use  in adjusting the current capacity。
 E 、A valve connection form minute flange, the weld two kinds, the drive type is Hand, the motor two kinds.
 F 、 DS series liquid valve is suitable for Nominal Pressure ≦10.0MPa, Operating temperature ≦ 425℃, works agent is the  water, steam, oil field and on non-caustic gas pipe makes the start-stop system to use, is suitable especially for the  thermoelectric power station steam engine vacuum condenser system.