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Date: 11th September 2015
Three Way Ball Valve

 Standards compliance 
 Design and Manufacture: API 608,API 6D,BS5351 
 Face to face(end to end): ANSI B16.10,API 6D 
 Flanged connection:2"~24" to ANSI B16.5 
 Fire-safe: API 607,API 6FA 
 Butt welded end: ANSI B16.25 
 Test and inspection: API 598,API 6D 
 Way ball valve with T-shaped and L-shaped. T-shaped pipe to make three orthogonal interconnected and cut off the third  channel, divert traffic, merging effect. L-shaped connecting only two orthogonal channels, can not maintain a third pipe  connected with each other only as a distribution function.
 1, three-valve integrated in the structure of a structure, 4 seat sealing surface type, flange connection, high reliability,  design and implementation of the lightweight.
 2, three core sub-T-ball and L-shaped, long life, flow capacity, small resistance.
 3, valve-action points by single and double acting two types, single-action feature is that once the power source fails, the  ball will be in the state of the control system requirements.